Human Resources System


  • The human resources system is the backbone of the management of the establishment as it takes care of the development of human resources, which is one of the most important factors for the success of any establishment .. The care of the human resources system of the special key functions are:
  • Recruitment
  • Evaluation of staff performance
  • Annual employment budgets
  • Development of staff skills
  • Recruitment: The system follows up the recruitment process, starting with the introduction of employee recruitment requests - interviewing the candidate for the job - entering the result of the interview
  • Offer jobs to candidates
  • Performance evaluation: Employee performance is evaluated according to performance criteria defined as the basis for job evaluation.
  • Record points earned by employees for each performance criterion for the jobs they occupy.
  • The recommendations of both the direct manager of the employee and the recommendations of the general manager of the employee are also included in the evaluation results
  • Development of staff skills: The system takes care of the skills that are not available in the staff and how to develop them through training courses aimed at developing the employee's performance standards.
  • Annual Job Balances: Defining the vacant positions required by the various departments as well as the estimated budget required for these jobs. The budget value that has been adopted and can be used for reporting is defined. The system enables the user to design the reports he needs in addition to a large number of existing reports